Everything You Must Know about Monster Jam

Are you wondering what is Monster Jam? If so, then you will find in this article all the information you need regarding this subject. Take your time and carefully read everything for a better understanding.


Those who are interested in 4×4 car shows will definitely know what Monster Jam is. However, in case you haven’t heard about it before, Monster Jam is actually the perfect combination of racing and power, that features 4-meter tall and 5-ton Monster Jam trucks. There is no doubt that this is one of the most exciting forms of entertainment for the entire family, but especially for those who are passionate about monster trucks. These stunning machines race and rip a custom-designed track full of all sort of obstacles, obstacles that are being smashed. The show itself is absolutely spectacular and it certainly offers a memorable experience to all attendants. The tickets are quite affordable especially if you come with the entire family. If you want something truly special, then go for VIP Access Packages which include a 1-row VIP Front row ticket, an early access to the party in the pits, Monster Jam souvenir tour tag and lanyard, and buffet lunch at the Premiere Cafe of MOAArena. Once you book your tickets you must make sure you will arrive at the location with at least one hour before the event actually starts.


The show usually lasts around 3 hours, although sometimes it may vary depending on other unexpected circumstances. You will not need to worry about the weather, because the event takes place indoors and you will feel comfortable at all times. Party in the Pits is an amazing opportunity for all fans to gather together, share personal opinions about the events, and also get to know the drivers and learn interesting stuff. Fans will have the chance to take pictures with the trucks and their drivers, and also get some autographs. It is important to know that it is available a limited number of Pit Party Passes so you’ll need to reserve yours ahead of time. For more information about the event, you need to visit the official website. You will find there all the information you need in order to plan very well your journey to this amazing event. Ticket discounts may be available for groups. Don’t forget to take the camera with you for some incredible shots. If you also want to record the show, the good news is that you are allowed to do that, but make sure it is only for personal use and not for a commercial purpose.



If you want to attend Monster Jam, and it is actually for the first time, then all the above information will certainly be very useful. Once you all these things you can just go to the event and enjoy it to the fullest. We are sure that the experience will be amazing and unforgettable, and who knows, maybe you will become passionate about monster trucks and you will not miss any event of this type in the future.


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